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Two of Honolulu’s major newspapers have commented on current Real Estate market conditions.        You may view their articles at: or  

"Condo Prices Climb Higher than Forecasters Predicted"                 Janice Magin, ON  REAL  ESTATE, Pacific Business News, 10/13/17

"Home Prices on Oahu on Record Pace"                                                     Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 10/7/17

"Condo Sales Blast Off "                                                                                    Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 9/7/17

"OAHU  HOME  PRICES Steady Rise Makes Every Year a Record"  Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 7/14/17

"Oahu Home Sales Prices Through the Roof"                           Dave Segal, Star Advertiser, 3/7/17

"Rising Prices Pinch Housing Market"                                       Alex Vega, Associated Press, Star Advertiser, 6/19/17

"Home Sales and Prices Increase on Oahu"                                      Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 6/7/17

"Inventory not Keeping Up with Demand on Oahu"                     Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 5/12/17

"Homes Scarce as Buying Season Heats Up"                                Alex Veiga, Associated Press, Star Advertiser, 4/16/17

"Home Prices Up as Inventory Drops"                                      Dave Segal, Star Advertiser, 3/7/17

"Competition Heats Up Oahu Real Estate Market" Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 2/10/17

"OAHU HOUSING MARKET Home Sale Prices Climb to New Highs for a Fourth Year" Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 1/7/17

"Rising Mortgage Rates Forecast to Continue Upward Trend" Alex Veiga, Associated Press, Star Advertiser, 1/7/17

"Remodeling Will Lead Home-Building Industry"                         Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 1/6/17

"Condominium Boom 2.0 ...Construction Begins in Ala Moana / Kapiolani..."        Duane Shimogawa, Pacific Business News, 1/6/17

"Tough Climb Tough Market Hawaii's Housing Ladder is Hard to Climb..."   Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 12/9/16

"Residential Real Estate Supply Can't Keep Up With Demand" Katie Murar, Pacific Business News, 11/9/16

"39% of Isle Home Sales Done in Cash Thanks to Kama'aina" Jaymes Song, Star Advertiser, 8/27/16

"Through the Roof Buyers in a Competitive Market are Driving Up Oahu Prices " Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 7/7/16

"Steady Gains  Sales of Both Condos & Single-Family Homes Rose … " Kristen Consilio, Star Advertiser, 6/7/16

"Yet Another Record Median Condo & Single Family Prices Rise ..." Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 5/7/16

"Big Deals Drive Resort Housing Market”                                     Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 4/11/16

"Price of Homes Remains High Industry Experts Say Demand for Houses is Outpacing Supply" Andrew Gomes, Star Advertiser, 4/7/16

"Home Seller's Should Weigh Offers: Highest Isn't Always Best" Marcie Geffner, Star Advertisier, 4/3/16























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